Will Iranian protests lead to a new free secular Iran?

Iran Protests

AP - Days of Iranian protests over rising fuel prices and a subsequent government crackdown have killed at least 106 people across Iran, Amnesty International reported, adding that the real figure may be much higher. Iran’s government has not released a toll of those arrested, injured, or killed in the protests that

Saudi oil facility attacked, Oil price spike, what next?

Abqaiq Saudi Oil

Early Saturday (September 14, 2019), the Khurais oilfield operated by Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil giant, and the Abqaiq oil processing facility was attacked by a number of drones. Saudi officials say the strikes have cut production by 5.7 million barrels per day - about 50% of their total output and 5% of

When or will America go to war with Iran?

Grace One

This year, as Iran observes the 40th year of its revolution, its geostrategic objectives remain unchanged, a call for the elimination of Israel. Over these four decades, hardly a day has passed without threats against Israel. As U.S. sanctions choke Iran, Hezbollah (an Iranian proxy terror group) reportedly is deploying for