Zombie economy rising from the crypt?

Zombie Dollar

In the financial world, companies on life support are called "Zombie" companies. These are companies that are not able to cover their debt-servicing costs with current earnings. To stay afloat, they often keep borrowing and restructuring debt to make up the difference. Most likely, these companies should have gone out

Market Watch – August 26, 2019

Market Watch

The direction of the trade will be largely decided by Trump's Twitter feed in the sense of what will be the news flow of the Chinese trade war situation. Trump wants to hold out for a "good" deal, but the Chinese won't give him one until after the 2020 presidential

Market Watch – August 6, 2019

Market Watch

China fires its biggest warning shot yet in the trade war, it is now escalating to a currency war. News Forecasters, give a short term view on where stocks, bonds, and the dollar heads, in light of recent significant moves. China has added its currency to the weapons it is willing