Will China crash, dragging the global economy with it?

Will China crash, dragging the global economy with it? China over the last 40 years has made stellar advancements in its economy. It is on track to be the largest economy in the world, If not already. It has been the envy of the world. The question for some is,

Trump blinks on China Trade War

Some influential voices on Wall Street are saying Trump blinked in the latest exchange with China in the ongoing Trade War and showed just how much pain the U.S. could tolerate. "Tell me why Xi should not continue to wait out The World's Greatest Negotiator, who keeps dealing with himself?"

Hong Kong, protesters soon to understand what it means to be Chinese

China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, under a "One Country, Two Systems" policy. This has worked reasonably well until recently. Millions over the past 8 weeks have protested against a now suspended extradition bill, have now widened to demand greater democracy and the resignation of Hong

When will Trump’s trade war with China end?

President Trump said in a series of Thursday August 1st, 2019 tweets that 10% tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of U.S. imports from China will begin September 1, accusing Beijing of reneging on a series of promises in this year's ongoing trade talks. Trump’s latest broadside on China raises the