Humans frozen and brought back, enabling space travel? November 27, 2019 23:53 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - Doctors have placed humans in suspended animation for the first time, as part of a trial in the U.S. that aims to make it possible to fix traumatic injuries that would otherwise cause death by preserving life until the patient gets to the hospital. Samuel Tisherman, at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, told New Scientist that his team of medics had placed at least one patient in suspended animation, calling it "a little surreal" when they first did it.… Continue Reading
Internet TV Piracy Internet TV piracy, will the police be knocking soon? November 25, 2019 4:45 am Posted in: Economy, Science & Technology - Historically, the entertainment industry has labeled pirates as freeloaders exclusively interested in getting everything for free. In reality, it’s wiser to view them as frustrated potential consumers who’d be happy to pay for content if it was more widely available. The research confirms something many internet pundits have long instinctively believed to be true: piracy isn’t driven by law-breakers, it’s driven by people who can’t easily or affordably get the content they want. On the other hand, it is true:… Continue Reading
Google RIP – what is the future of internet search? November 18, 2019 12:28 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - Some 500,000 times every second we use internet search. It brings us the juiciest gossip, news, the best gifts for the holidays, history with historical data, education, our political views, logistics just to name a few, and has become the cornerstone of an economy worth trillions of dollars. Google the dominant player in internet search has turned into a verb - "just Google it." It is hard to imagine a world, real or virtual, without internet search. Google obviously will… Continue Reading
Venice Italy Flooding Venice Italy, 85% underwater, climate change? November 17, 2019 6:23 am Posted in: Science & Technology - The northern Italian canal city of Venice is facing its first significant flood of the current rainy season. The rainy season in Italy has gradually extended and become more severe in recent years. Consequently, the floods are starting earlier than usual this year. Are the horrors of climate change upon us? Venice has been hit with another high tide that has left around 85% of the Italian city underwater. According to local authorities, the tide peaked at 154cm on Friday, leaving… Continue Reading
Starship Super Heavy Elon Musk dreaming again, really budget space travel? November 12, 2019 4:29 am Posted in: Science & Technology - For as long as human civilization has existed, we have always sought to explore the world around us. Our innate desire for exploration and discovery is what makes us unique as a species. You have to love Elon Musk's inspiration. He claims he can make space travel costs to be 1% of current NASA launches. Elon's dreams are just a tiny fraction of what existing launches costs are today. On average, NASA spends an average of $152m per launch -… Continue Reading
Silicon valley dumbfuckery. Facebook and Apple personal gripes. November 11, 2019 15:00 pm Posted in: Economy, Science & Technology - We've all been there, trying to work with 21st-century technology with some blockhead Silicon Valley company. We've been told that all these Silicon Valley companies are filled with young wizkids. But nevertheless, these companies are big, very big. Like any big organization, the left-hand never knows what the right hand is doing. And they're basically monopolies, so going to a more efficient small company very often is not an option. So I'm going to illustrate a couple of personal gripes… Continue Reading
Climate Emergency 11,000 scientists declare climate emergency, want population control November 7, 2019 4:33 am Posted in: News, Science & Technology - The world’s people face "untold suffering due to the climate crisis" unless there are major transformations to global society, according to a stark warning from more than 11,000 scientists. The statement is published in the journal BioScience on the 40th anniversary of the first world climate conference, which was held in Geneva in 1979. The statement was a collaboration of dozens of scientists and endorsed by further 11,000 from 153 nations. The scientists say the urgent changes needed include ending population… Continue Reading
Future Restaurants The future of restaurants, what will it look like? October 30, 2019 8:44 am Posted in: Culture, Economy, Science & Technology - One thing we all like to do, and that is eat. Not just eat but have someone else make it - yes restaurants. Food and drinks sales of the restaurant industry in the United States reached $745.61 billion in 2015 – a long way from the $42.8 billion seen in 1970. Nearly a trillion-dollar industry, so it is a big deal. News Forecasters puts its crystal ball to work and provides a take on what the restaurant industry may look… Continue Reading
Himalaya Viagra Himalaya Viagra and the threat of biodiversity loss October 28, 2019 13:18 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - Another natural miracle species has recently come to light dubbed - Himalaya Viagra. It is a fungus called Ophiocordyceps sinensis (C. sinensis). In nature, the C. sinensis fungus colonizes and eventually kills the larvae of the ghost moth, which lives high in the Tibetan Himalayas (between 3,000 and 5,000 feet high). C. sinensis is also called “caterpillar fungus” or yartsa gunbu, which translates to “winter worm, summer grass.” With the use of this non-addictive fungus, your focus goes through the roof, and your… Continue Reading
Lab Grown Brains Do lab grown brains have a soul? October 22, 2019 22:21 pm Posted in: Culture, Science & Technology - Neuroscientists have opened an ethical Pandora's box by growing lumps of human brain in the lab, and in some cases transplanting the tissue into animals. The blobs of tissue are made from stem cells and, while they are only the size of a pea, some have developed spontaneous brain waves, similar to those seen in premature babies. But the work is controversial because it is unclear where it may cross the line into human experimentation. Some would like funding agencies to freeze… Continue Reading
Will SETI encourage an alien UFO invasion of Earth? October 18, 2019 6:10 am Posted in: Culture, Science & Technology - Do you believe in UFOs? Are we alone in the universe? A new survey shows nearly half (50%) of Americans believe in aliens. Less than 20% believe in alien abduction, and a bit less than that claim to have seen a UFO. Many feel that talk of UFOs is mere folklore. The stigma against research into extraterrestrial lifeforms could be pushing some of the sharpest minds out of the field. The search for extraterrestrial research is dismissed and associated with conspiracy… Continue Reading
News Forecasters RSS App News Forecasters – Free RSS App October 14, 2019 12:44 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a type of web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. These feeds can, for example, will enable a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator application. The news aggregator application will automatically check the RSS feed for new content, allowing the content to be automatically passed from website to website or from website to user. This passing of content… Continue Reading
Doctors become a luxury, Artificial Intelligence takes over October 13, 2019 22:26 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - Healthcare in America today is nearly 18% of GDP. The average American spends over $10,000 per year on their healthcare. In other developed countries, with national healthcare systems, it is between 10 to 14% of GDP, spending far less (see 40 surprising healthcare facts). Politically there is a push for universal healthcare - this will be difficult without major changes in healthcare services. The bottom line is healthcare services needs major cost reductions in order to achieve these political and human… Continue Reading
Stefan Molyneux, Race and IQ – quackery? October 8, 2019 17:40 pm Posted in: Culture, Featured, Politics, Science & Technology - Stefan Molyneux is a conservative Canadian podcaster and YouTuber who is known for his promotion of Race and IQ theories. Others have called it scientific racism and white supremacist views. The Independent described Molyneux as having a perverse fixation on race and IQ (intelligence based on genetics), and as Molyneux often says, is the major contributor to understanding the differences in culture and their success - or lack of success. News Forecasters asks, is this Race and IQ theory promoted by Stefan Molyneux and others,… Continue Reading
Future Social Media The future of Social Media – growing or its demise? October 7, 2019 23:33 pm Posted in: Economy, Science & Technology - Love it or hate it, Social Media has been a force since the early 2000s. Looking at the feature inset chart, we see primarily a duopoly of Google's YouTube and Facebook properties. There are others in niche markets (i.e., Linkedin), and there are still other new niche platforms (i.e., TikTok) that are starting to emerge as well. However, some believe that Social Media is starting to become a maturing industry. News Forecasters believes that it’s time to rethink the future… Continue Reading
What? Chemtrails conspiracy becoming conspiracy fact? October 6, 2019 2:55 am Posted in: Science & Technology - The chemtrail conspiracy theory is based on the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails are "chemtrails" consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public. The operative word here is "nefarious." Perhaps it is mere unintended consequences and/or thinking one can help nature. But is chemtrail conspiracy becoming conspiracy fact? Plans to test a technique that would cool the planet (adjust climate change) by blocking sunlight are one… Continue Reading
Ebola, a global pandemic imminent? September 27, 2019 7:10 am Posted in: Science & Technology - Over 1,800 people have been killed in the Ebola outbreak since the first cases were confirmed in Africa a year ago. The number of the dead seems to be growing at a rate of 200-400 per month and is starting to go exponential. Surpassed only by the epidemic that claimed more than 11,000 lives in West Africa from 2014-2016, it was the longest and deadliest in Congo’s history. In the U.S., Ebola rumors stoked by fears of Ebola carrying African… Continue Reading
MKUltra A MKUltra mind-control program guide to cause mass shootings? September 25, 2019 17:58 pm Posted in: Politics, Science & Technology - For those who traffic in conspiracies about men in black doing highly immoral and illegal things, project MKUltra is for you. As revealed by the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission in 1975, MKUltra was an officially sanctioned CIA program that conducted mind-control experiments (even to have subjects perform covert activities) on unwitting subjects. It was highly illegal, but it nevertheless formally ran from 1953 to 1973. It is said to be non-operational today. Still, mystery surrounds the conspiracy-sphere on… Continue Reading
Middle East Climate Change Islamic climate change, water crisis = war, mass migration coming? September 24, 2019 19:18 pm Posted in: Science & Technology - New research shows that temperatures are set to skyrocket in parts of the Middle East and Africa, making human habitation next to impossible. These new climate projections, compiled by researchers from the Max Planck Institute, tell an incredibly apocalyptic scary story. Combined with prolonged heat waves, long drought periods, and sandstorms these environmental conditions would be intolerable for human life. The Middle East and Africa are already ravaged by geopolitical conflict, adding a climate change crisis on top, what does… Continue Reading
Greta Thunberg Climate change strike, will the world really act? September 22, 2019 9:03 am Posted in: News, Science & Technology - Millions of young people flooded the streets of cities around the world to demand political leaders take urgent steps to stop climate change, uniting in a worldwide protest inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. The coordinated "climate strike" culminated in New York’s Wall Street, where the focus of attack was the fossil fuel industry investments, capitalism and of course America. News Forecasters asks, will people heed the warning of the climate change strike and take action? Some efforts have… Continue Reading