Mass Shooters 2019 Banning Democrats more effective than banning AR15s? September 8, 2019 08:31 Posted in: Culture, Politics - Don Lemon of CNN said the "Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men." Snopes agrees, but this agreement is all in how the threat is defined. Lemon cherry-picked his data for his narrative. Using the narrow definition of the FBI, it is true that mass shooters are predominately white males (this article is U.S. centric). However, on a per-capita basis and with a broader definition, in fact, the meme pictured in this article is true - it's people of… Continue Reading
Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe’s dubious legacy, will Africa learn? September 7, 2019 02:02 Posted in: Economy, News, Politics - Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean independence leader, ex-President, turned authoritarian leader, has died aged 95. He was born February 21, 1924, in what was then Rhodesia - a British colony, run by its white minority. In 1964 he was imprisoned for more than a decade without trial. After a brief independence movement struggle, political agreements to end the crisis resulted in the newly independent Republic of Zimbabwe. With Mugabe's high profile in the independence movement, Mugabe secured an overwhelming victory in… Continue Reading
Turkey Nukes Will Erdogan get nuclear weapons for Turkey? September 5, 2019 02:22 Posted in: News, Politics - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested that Turkey should seek nuclear weapons in recent televised comments. It is not the first time Erdogan has made comments like this. Turkey, a NATO ally, has already strained relations with the U.S. over it's Middle East war efforts and military purchases outside of NATO. Will Erdogan's wish be granted, or will this further strain relationships between the U.S., NATO allies and Turkey - with a response of no? Can Turkey even be treated… Continue Reading
Boris Johnson Boris defeated, British snap election looms? Brexit? September 4, 2019 05:11 Posted in: News, Politics - Prime Minister Boris Johnson (BoJo) raised the prospect of a snap election after he suffered a major parliamentary defeat over his Brexit strategy that could delay Britain's exit from the European Union (EU). Just six weeks after taking office, the Conservative leader was hit by a huge rebellion among his own MPs that leaves him without a working majority in parliament as he looks to take Britain out of the EU on October 31. Confusing yes, so what now? Despite… Continue Reading
Protest Tactics 2020 US 5 successful protest tips for the 2020 US Presidential elections September 2, 2019 18:12 Posted in: Culture, Politics - Most of us can feel the winds of change coming on the political landscape. For some, it is hard to imagine this, since WWII the world has experienced the largest expansion in peace and prosperity the world has ever seen. Others hear change rising from the static rubble of collapsing norms - as many feel they are not receiving this peace and prosperity in quantities as they feel they should. A profound moment in our history is coming - the… Continue Reading
Russia Bear The future of Russia, something to fear? September 2, 2019 09:36 Posted in: Culture, Featured, Politics - A poll by Gallup on perceived threats to the U.S. found that Russia is now the critical threat to America. Much of the recent Russian negativity has been driven by the belief that Russians hacked the 2016 presidential elections. Other than citing a few Russian trolls and intelligence actors, no evidence has been produced showing how this "hacking" changed American minds to vote any differently than they did, nor whether President Trump was involved. News Forecasters takes a look at… Continue Reading
Inheritance Huge inheritance taxes are around the corner? August 31, 2019 08:31 Posted in: Economy, Politics - A subject not often talked about is inheritance, taxes, and wealth inequality. Until the mid-2000s, the net worth of households across the wealth distribution increased at roughly the same pace, that has changed after the Great Recession in 2008. The decade-long economic expansion has given the U.S. new wealth driven by a booming stock market and rising house prices. These two asset classes were treated differently (moral hazard) in terms of government help during this Great Recession. One could make the… Continue Reading
The Progressive Bernie Sanders and the Progressive agenda – a socialist scam? August 29, 2019 16:47 Posted in: Economy, News, Politics - A new Quinnipiac Poll shows Bernie Sanders leads Trump, 53% to 39%. Will America elect a socialist as president in 2020? But he is not alone. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are two peas in a pod when it comes to "Progressive" policies. So let's not pick on Sanders. The rest of the Democratic candidates all tout similar views. News Forecasters asks, how realistic are these policies or are they just a scam to get votes? In what I call a… Continue Reading
Turmp Nukes Hurricanes Scoop: Trump nukes hurricanes then Axios – the real story? August 26, 2019 17:07 Posted in: News, Politics - President Trump has floated multiple times the idea of thwarting hurricanes headed for the US by bombing them, including by dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes to disrupt their course, Axios reported, citing conversations with sources who heard Trump's comments and were briefed on a National Security Council memo that recorded the comments. Ok, I get it, Jonathan Swan the Axios reporter, wants us to believe, Trump is a complete idiot - here is his report. We won't even attempt to… Continue Reading
Envy New NBC/WSJ poll shows the state of America: Envy! August 26, 2019 09:17 Posted in: Economy, News, Politics - The political and cultural upheaval of the last four years has divided the country on an ever-hardening partisan and generational lines. One feeling that unites Americans as much as it did before the 2016 election is economic dissatisfaction. They’re still angry and still unsettled about the future. The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that despite Americans’ overall dissatisfaction of there own personal situation only being 22% (very dissatisfied), the state of the U.S. economy dissatisfaction is 70% (very… Continue Reading
Tulsi Gabbard Why does the Democratic Party establishment dislike Tulsi Gabbard? August 24, 2019 06:23 Posted in: News, Politics - Tulsi Gabbard (37) is the US Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district. A Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard and running for president of the United States as a Democratic candidate. But for some reason, both the media and the Democratic Party (DNC) is not taken by her. Some believe that there is an active campaign inside the DNC to ignore and de-platform her candidacy - recently by not letting her into the next Democratic debates. According to the… Continue Reading
Future Justice The future of legal justice, can robots save humans? August 23, 2019 20:53 Posted in: Politics, Science & Technology - People in North America have just 47% confidence in today's justice system - not impressive, is it? So is our justice systems are as they are, and they are just a necessary evil or, will a push come to improve the situation? Unfortunately, people don't think of this subject until it affects them - most of us are not embroiled in a legal process but a few times in our lives. News Forecasters will focus on civil justice rather than… Continue Reading
Amazon Fire The Amazon burns, Bolsonaro blames NGOs, New Green Deal coming? August 23, 2019 05:15 Posted in: News, Politics, Science & Technology - Brazil has had more than 72,000 fire outbreaks so far this year, an 84% increase on the same period in 2018, according to the country’s National Institute for Space Research. More than half of them were in the Amazon. Wildfires often occur in the dry season in Brazil but they are also deliberately started in efforts to illegally deforest land for cattle ranching. The headlines are alarming, but what is the world going to do about it? Jair Bolsonaro, current… Continue Reading
Hanging Chad Electoral College, constitutional crisis in the making August 22, 2019 09:05 Posted in: Politics - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) calls the Electoral College a "scam," says it has a "racial injustice breakdown." I guess this means that AOC believes the Electoral College is racist and the founding fathers of the U.S. Consitution are part of this "scam" for even suggesting the idea. It has been the dream of the political left to do away with the Electoral College and move to a popular vote, as this process favors their prospects for maintaining their power. The… Continue Reading
Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term? August 21, 2019 19:12 Posted in: Politics - Rep. Maxine Waters, D.-Calif., promised her supporters that she is very much devoted to pursuing impeachment of President Trump. Waters claims America cannot allow for its allies to think Trump was elected legitimately. "But guess what? They are going to believe it when we get rid of him." The battle cry for Waters has been, "Impeach 45." Will Waters get her wish? Today another House member is supporting impeachment. 125 House Democrats and 1 independent now publicly support launching an… Continue Reading
Kellyanne and GeorgeConway Will Kellyanne and George Conway get a divorce? relevant? August 20, 2019 18:22 Posted in: Culture, News, Politics - No other couple, so close to power, puts on display daily, of such a divisive nature of marital bliss than Kellyanne and George Conway. Piers Morgan said, "No one's a winner in this ridiculous White House war of whack-jobs, losers, nutters and hellish spouses, but by backing Trump over her own husband, Kellyanne Conway’s surely spun her marriage into a divorce court ..." George Conway has repeatedly attacked President Trump - mercilessly. Even recently George Conway, mocks the White House… Continue Reading
Crime Is America about to experience a new crime wave? August 20, 2019 07:29 Posted in: Culture, Politics - Bernie Sanders is unique among Democratic presidential candidates as an early critic of mass incarceration. His criminal justice reform plan is his map for how he’d do something about it. The proposal covers a variety of issues, including reeling back long prison sentences, ending cash bail, improving oversight of police, boosting public defenders, legalizing marijuana, and banning private for-profit prisons (6% of prison population). So if criminals are let go, is a new American crime wave coming? According to a… Continue Reading
Student Debt Will the monstrous $1.5 trillion in U.S. student debt be canceled? August 19, 2019 17:17 Posted in: Economy, Politics - We've all heard about it, the U.S. student debt is over $1.5 trillion now, and climbing. About 1 in 4 Americans have student loan debt, an estimated 44.7 million people. The average student loan debt amount is $37,172 with an average monthly loan payment of $393. Several of Democratic presidential hopefuls for 2020 say they want a greatly reduced if not eliminate it. $1.5 trillion is a lot of money just to write off. News Forecasters asks, how likely is the monstrous… Continue Reading
Grace One When or will America go to war with Iran? August 18, 2019 17:07 Posted in: News, Politics - This year, as Iran observes the 40th year of its revolution, its geostrategic objectives remain unchanged, a call for the elimination of Israel. Over these four decades, hardly a day has passed without threats against Israel. As U.S. sanctions choke Iran, Hezbollah (an Iranian proxy terror group) reportedly is deploying for a war on Israel's border. Israel is a key ally of the U.S. News Forecasters asks, when or will America go to war with Iran? Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps captured… Continue Reading
What is the objective of Antifa political demonstrations – Portland? August 17, 2019 21:10 Posted in: Culture, News, Politics - Portland, OR is currently hosting (as of this post) what is likely to be one of the biggest political demonstrations of the summer, which authorities expected could lead to violence. President Donald Trump threw into the mix a characteristically explosive tweet warning the Mayor of Portland to do a "good job." So it seems the battle between Antifa and the Proud Boys is set. Both sides have in the past talked of political violence to further their agendas. We focus on… Continue Reading