Stefan Molyneux, Race and IQ – quackery?

Stefan Molyneux is a conservative Canadian podcaster and YouTuber who is known for his promotion of Race and IQ theories. Others have called it scientific racism and white supremacist views. The Independent described Molyneux as having a perverse fixation on race and IQ (intelligence based on genetics), and as Molyneux often says, is the major contributor

$15 Trillion in Phantom Capital – FRAUD?

Phantom Capital

A new study published by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has found that $15 trillion of the world's FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) are "phantom capital" - a term used to describe capital that is designed to avoid taxes of multinational firms. FDI is an essential driver for genuine business activity, stimulating

Cult politics is about to kill science?

Politics Of Science

On universities campuses, it seems politics rules the day. This has always been the case, but more so on actual politics of current events. This has changed and has even recently accelerated. Science seems to be more about political science, than science - even cultish in its behavior. This agenda-based science