Cheating spouse twice as likely to cheat at work, pre-crime social media scoring?

CEOs who cheat on a spouse is twice as likely to cheat at work, so a study shows. Cheating on your spouse goes hand in hand with cheating in the workplace. That’s the conclusion of a provocative new academic study that found a strong correlation between adultery and workplace misconduct by corporate executives and financial advisers. In the #metoo age and where every social move is tracked on social media, what will be the trend in social media scoring (sorta like pre-crime) technology?

Finance professors at the University of Texas at Austin and Emory University were able to examine customers of Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people looking to have affairs, or “discreet encounters” as it puts it. Researchers examined four groups of users specifically — a total of 11,000 brokers, corporate executives, white-collar criminals, and police officers. Cross-checking against public records, they found that those Ashley Madison customers generally were more than twice as likely to have violated professional codes of conduct compared with a control group. “If you’re foolish to put your name into such a site, you’re foolish enough to make other mistakes,” so the story goes.

Governments are eager to get into social media scoring to do pre-crime. The Chinese state is setting up a vast ranking system that will monitor the behavior of its enormous population, and rank them all based on their “social credit.” The program is due to be fully operational nationwide by 2020. In the more “democratic” developed world, governments have been slow due to privacy concerns. But with the recent mass shootings, perhaps the public is ready to give up their privacy for security.

Today, nearly 80% of all employers, big and small, perform some form of pre-employment background check on job applicants. Here is one company that does this type of work. They claim 43% of hiring managers have uncovered materials online that caused them not to hire an individual. This includes both public governments as well as social media information. Most of these queries have been automated via API (Application Programme Interfaces) to automate their services to their clients. This industry is maturing.

Oh my, what is an individual to do? Never fear, whenever there is a problem someone will find a solution for you – for a price of course. First, understand your own social media score – here is one company that can do this. With many factors taken into account, all the information is processed through a complex algorithm to give value to your social foot print. Brag your score with friends, flaunt your score professionally and let the score talk about your reach and influence. Find people with a better score and try to understand what can be done to improve yours. There is a range of purposes your own social media score can do. Be careful here, it maybe a Trojan Horse … ?

Finally, you may want to consider a private individual social media consultant or educate yourself and learn how to have a good social media footprint. There are already tons of social media consulting companies out there for business, but even for individuals. One nearly needs to Google for one near you or obtain self-educational materials. The point here it is, if you are a young professional your social media footprint matters and it needs to be managed.

Ouff … fake people for a fake world. A bit depressing to think about all this isn’t it? News Forecasters believes, unfortunately, this is the state of play, and if you want to be successful professionally, you must play.

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