Why American socialism is coming – women?

Women Socialism

There is a feeling in the air that women are becoming more politically active, not just in America but all across the developed world. For example, there are currently six 2020 U.S. presidential candidates. Currently in the European Parliament women make up 40% of its members, up from 15% in 1980. Women are making their mark on government.

For sure, women’s views of the world will be different than men’s – with subsequent change in government policy. News Forecasters will let you decide whether this rise in female political activity and the potential new policies are good or bad, what we want to explore is what the potential results will be.

Women Congress

Looking specifically in the U.S., we can see in the inset chart that around the 1960-1970s second-wave feminism arose simultaneously to the beginning of the rise of women elected to the Congress. Though women have yet to reach their demographic parity, in the last elections cycle in 2018, women had the most candidates ever advancing past their party’s primaries for election to office.

News Forecasters sees no reason why this trend won’t continue. Women in the past would vote for men, though some men would not for women. This has changed. Most men today would be comfortable to vote for women, just as easily as they would vote for men. With this change, what are the policy shifts that have come with this change in attitudes?

Women Socialism Why

Looking at the inset chart, the key policy shifts are on social issues. Issues like education, climate change, or minimum wage, women score 10 to 15% higher in their favorability than men. Looking at the two political parties, Democrats (left-wing) and Republican (right-wing), most demographic groups show that women tend to vote left-wing 8 to 10 percentage points more than men. In terms of winning elections, women recently have tended to fare better than men.

So looking at the historical, ideological shifts of the two parties, Democrats are shifting further to the left-wing than Republicans. As the Overton window shifts left, News Forecasters would expect Republicans to do the same, though be it less, in time.

Since women have yet to achieve political demographic parity, we also expect that policies could shift even further left and/or consolidate policies yet implemented. One question that gets asked is whether women could develop right-wing ideologies as men have? Understanding that not ALL men or women vote monolithically, News Forecasters believes women will vote left-wing and stay left-wing. Why?

Women do not have the same issues in relationships as men. Women seek security – in all its various forms, such as physical, resource, and emotional security. We know some would disagree, so let’s be a little more blunt for clarification – there are few eggs and many sperm. Women have value (especially at a young age) with no merit required. Men must earn value with merit. Men need to be the aggressor, work, compete, take risks to present themselves worthy to a woman. These genetic and cultural evolutionary realities still exist after millions of years of evolution (or an intelligent design if you like) – 50 years of feminism won’t change this. 

Hence the gender bias when it comes to political ideologies. Women focus on the cohesive social security of the nation (left-wing), while men focus on military and independent business resource accumulation (right-wing). Add to the mix an oppressed set of minorities, and it is advantage left-wing. This also explains the immigration of minorities policy differences.

This makes it an easy call for News Forecasters to say, America will turn to socialism. The only issue is how long it will take to get there and to what degree. The current socialism of America has been going on for some time since women have achieved the right to vote. Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. The socialization starts off slow, waiting for the culture to catch up and then accelerates. We are on the acceleration part of the curve.

News Forecasters believes this socialism process to become similar to European socialist countries will take 10 to 20 years. Of course, this assumes the socialist policies do not collapse the global economy before this time. After that, where do socialist countries then go? Click here to get an idea.

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