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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a type of web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format.

These feeds can, for example, will enable a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator application. The news aggregator application will automatically check the RSS feed for new content, allowing the content to be automatically passed from website to website or from website to user. This passing of content is called web syndication.

News Forecasters finds RSS tools useful in trying to scan many various websites for good information – especially if you are a newshound. There are various RSS tools available, though after a few RSS feeds, they may have a cost. News Forecasters is offering to our followers free access to our RSS App developed from a base of open-source software (Tiny Tiny RSS).

To gain access, you will have to first subscribe to our newsletter. Then click the “Free RSS App” tab on the main homepage website menu and gain access with the same email used when registering for our newsletter. On the first access, the system will set up your profile (OPML default feeds) and kick you back to the homepage, where you will have to click again the “Free RSS App” and regain access to begin using. A few things of note:

  • If you leave the application tab open and it will auto-update with new articles every 15 minutes – otherwise, the next update will occur when you regain access.
  • Do take time and review Preferences to experiment with application dynamics that best fit you.
  • The application has set up a base set of categories and feeds that you can tailor for yourself as needed. The advice is not to make too many feeds, or you will make the application slow to fetch all the feeds, and/or you will go into information overload.
  • Prior to changing categories and feeds, the suggestion is to save your OPML.opml configuration file in case you need to reload them to get back to an original sane state (found in Preferences). Our default OPML.opml file can be found here.
  • To find new feeds does take a little technical skill to find the correct URL, so one needs to Google for more information on this. Here are some interest links to help search and build RSS feeds:
        • Generate RSS feeds from YouTube, Twitter, or webpage.
        • The best way to find feeds is to use Google with advanced search terms –  for an example, “rss cnn.” Often one can go to a site and postpend the word “feed,” “rss,” or “rssfeed,” and it will direct you to a feed that will show the XML output, if available. Here is an example: Or simply look for an RSS symbol link on the website.
        • Other RSS feeds.
  • Please be aware that updates do take some time, especially on startup or if you haven’t had access for a while.

Please note that the News Forecasters RSS App is a special adaptation of the base opensource software, and support from the originator is not available, though you can click here to get some useful support answers. If you do have issues, you can send an email to for support.

Enjoy newshounds!

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