The Dating App demise – frauds, fakes, and unrealistic expectations

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Ahh, the promise of dating apps. Ready for love? Ask most singles, and they’ll tell you about the horrors of dating apps. Scams, unanswered texts, false hopes, and emotional abuse. Still, the swiping continues. A new survey from Match confirms that 1 in 6 singles (15%) say they feel addicted to the dating app process.

News Forecasters takes a deep dive into dating app results and what it holds for your personal and the industry’s future. Let’s discuss what you will find inside these dating apps:

Frauds (30%) – probably a low estimate, but online dating frauds are extensive. Outright catfishing to gain money for love, but can get into internet blackmail (expose illicit relationships), prostitution, or even casing profiles for robbery. The FBI reported in the U.S. aggregate losses reaching $362 million in 2017.

Fakes (30%) – or at least grossly exaggerated profiles, probably again a low estimate, but you know the drill – age, weight, doctored photos, inflated incomes, employment status, and/or misrepresentations of character. But I suppose since both sides are faking their profiles, perhaps the parties can get over it – though a bit dubious to start a relationship on a lie.

Unrealistic expectations (30%) – this is a little harder to estimate and understand, so we are going on News Forecasters estimations. One must realize that women tend to get 10 times the response compared to men – so men spam the women. With all those choices and understanding the reality of hypergamy, women will select the top 20% of hot men. If you are one of the top 20% of hot men, life could be interesting, and the rest will be meatloaf. The meatloaf men will become disappointed, and the hot men become the playboys that women love but hate.

Dating App Expectations

It should be noted that unrealistic expectations can have future consequences even after a couple feels they have made a match. Frustrated men on dating apps may drop their standards to get a match (see insert chart for men’s unrealistic expectations), convincing themselves it’s ok, but later in the marriage may change their minds. For women, their prize hot man turns into a nightmare – creating negative baggage for any future relationship. This condition would be counted as a success by dating app operators, but in fact, it is not.

So sure you have around a 10% chance of being successful with online dating – in News Forecasters estimation, though dating apps claim better results for obvious reasons. Not good odds. Then there is the issue of dating apps that encourage long-distance relationships – another dubious undertaking. A suggestion would be to refrain from their use and instead use your energy and resources to improve oneself and develop your interpersonal skills to date the old fashion way.

Future Dating Growth

News Forecasters looks at the online growth of dating apps – see inset chart. We can see that the industry has had explosive growth until recently. It is starting to level off. News Forecasters believes that the dating app industry sector has reached its peak and will go into stagnation, though revenues may continue to grow somewhat due to currency debasement like any maturing industry.

So are dating apps for you? News Forecasters will leave it up to you to decide, but at least you are now armed with the reality of its future.

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