Political Projection – the Democrat and Republican blind spots


Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence while attributing them to others. When it comes to politics, what this means is, what you believe your opponents are doing, in fact, one does themselves. Another way to say this is to ask oneself, what are our blind spots? 

We shall focus here on the U.S., but these may be similar political attributes in other parts of the developed world, and the political projection principle works the same for the rest of the world. So we will look at the top 5 things that the Democrats and Republicans are accusing the other side of doing. For sure, both sides do similar things, so we will need to do a sliding relative scale. Let’s begin, be a little honest please, and look at those blind spots:


  1. Colluding with foreign entities – calling Trump a criminal colluding with Russians or even now Ukrainians, when many believe that they themselves are doing it even worse. This includes, for example, the Joe Biden Ukranian and China connection and the Clinton Foundation connections globally.
  2. Racists and all the other “isms” – is a favorite charge of Democrats toward Republicans, though there is plenty of evidence that shows that Democrats have their own issues with racism and the soft bigotry of low expectations. Democrats also have issues with anti-Semitism, declaring their support for Israel, while many embracing anti-Semitic organizations (i.e. BDS).
  3. Have no empathy for the poor – another common charge against Republicans. But it all depends on timing. Democrats will want to give aid immediately, while Republicans tend to want to administer tough love. Which really is more empathetic?
  4. They want war – military personnel often are Republican and hence giving the view that Republicans take the nation to war – the reality is both parties are guilty of this.
  5. Domestic terrorism – primarily via white male mass shooters – CNN’s Don Lemon has frequently made this claim. The view is that right-wing supporters are on the violent edge, though the data does not really support this view. In fact, left-wing Antifa violence is arguably more widespread.


  1. Fiscal responsibility – often, Republicans beat their chest about their fiscal responsibility. However, when in power, the evidence for this is not clear.
  2. Corruption business lobbyists – how many times have we heard the meme from the right-wing that dark money from George Soros is funding all the activities of the left-wing. However, the Republican party has a long history of business lobbyists, inside trading, and manipulating the government to gain financial advantages.
  3. Victim underdog conspiracy – Republicans always like to play the underdog (even in government), claiming they are victims of bias and censorship in some grand conspiracy. For sure, some of this is true, but Republican’s claims are excessive. After all, the largest media outlet being right-wing is Fox News that dominates the media landscape.
  4. Sexual, religious morality – Republicans often tout that they are the bastions of religious morality. However, when looking at data, there is not that much difference in moral views between parties.
  5. Civil war – Trump is talking that there will be a civil war caused by Democrats – if they continue their attacks against him and move to an impeachment process. Is this a veiled threat of violence?

These are just a few. If you have others, please let us know in the comment section. The blind spots that worry News Forecasters the most is number #5 (political violence) for both Democrats and Republicans. Our view is that both sides are inching toward violence. We are just a few events away from pulling out the guns. Democrats will dominate the street violence with Antifa, but Republicans may get triggered and do targeted domestic terrorist attacks.

Remember, both sides are projecting onto the other the violence of the other. So if they are thinking about it, it gets normalized, and for sure may happen, though it will always be a small section of each group Рothers may merely give tacid support. Keep your helmets ready if and when needed.

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