A MKUltra mind-control program guide to cause mass shootings?


For those who traffic in conspiracies about men in black doing highly immoral and illegal things, project MKUltra is for you. As revealed by the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission in 1975, MKUltra was an officially sanctioned CIA program that conducted mind-control experiments (even to have subjects perform covert activities) on unwitting subjects. It was highly illegal, but it nevertheless formally ran from 1953 to 1973. It is said to be non-operational today. Still, mystery surrounds the conspiracy-sphere on whether it may still be operational in another form.

Mass shootings, assassinations, political exposure, and mysterious suicides to name a few, often have puzzling facts that give rise to the belief that project MKUltra is alive and well. News Forecasters won’t get into the specifics of past activities of MKUltra – we have provided above a few you links to get you started. Or get into discussions of specific events that could have been a product of MKUltra activities. Instead, News Forecasters takes a deep dive into how a program like this could be put together¬†to test its feasibility. The why governments would do this is yet another subject to be addressed.

To start, what kind of subject would one target? Here is our list of the criterion of the potential subjects in our program:

  • A social loner – divorced from family, a partner, poor job history, and many societal norms.
  • Fringe or no political ideology.
  • Abusive childhood with low or poorly adjusted moral behavior.
  • Unstable personality, easily manipulated via suggestion.
  • Abuse problems – perhaps already a sex, drug or alcohol abuser.
  • Reasonable IQ (100 to 110) with reasonable physical capabilities – subject needs to be utilitarian.
  • History of mental illness or mental illness in the family.

To operate a program like this, here is a suggest potential program process scheme:

  1. Recruit subjects via social media or other data mining capabilities.
  2. Maintain a list of 100 to 200 people as potential subjects.
  3. Maintain subject handling via physical (and technical surveillance) monitoring, hypnotic suggestion, and drug use.
  4. Launch an incident by performing a suggestive triggering call (drug and hypnotic suggestion) to all on the subject list.
  5. Identify a smaller subset (1 to 5 people) that are responding to the call.
  6. Identify the best candidate from the subset of the subject list.
  7. Launch a stand-down (rest calm) order to the remaining subjects on the subject list (drug and hypnotic suggestion).
  8. If others on the subset subject list can not be stopped, subject stand-down or elimination tactics would need to be employed.
  9. Provide clandestine logistical support to the identified subject – i.e., assist obtaining need resources and materials needed for the incident.
  10. Using high government authority, issue local authority stand-down orders to allow subject to operate pre-incident.
  11. Post-incident, again using high government authority position, provide any clean-up as necessary – i.e., evidence removal as required.
  12. In the following days, media manipulation techniques may be required to ensure the proper narrative is provided to the public.

One might think there are too many people involved and could expose the overall program. You would be correct, so operational teams would need developed and fire-walled with secret but limited in scope objectives. The agents involved would not know what is going on in the overall program – all participants are on a need-to-know basis. Only a core team of fewer than 10 people would be required to have highly questionable ethics, which would be even further fire-walled in their activities. It is the government, so budget is no constraint. For example, the secret operational teams may consist of:

  • Subject recruitment team – would not need to be related to the program, using the partnering of other classified programs.
  • Drug development and drug dispersal technologies provider – would only need limited knowledge of the program.
  • Two hypnosis teams; one larger team, which are given general objectives (limited knowledge with only study activities) on the management of all subjects on the subject list and another smaller team consisting of 1 to 3 people to perform triggering activities.
  • On the ground logistical field support team to provide any pre-incident activities – this would not need to be bigger than 3 to 5 people.
  • Various localized agent teams (partnering with other programs) that perform various secret clean-up activities and direction of local authority management.
  • Media manipulation team – would not need to be related to the program, using the partnering of other secret programs.
  • Of course, the management with command and control of the whole operation, which may only consist of 1 to 3 people.

If you are currently part of a program like MKUltra – how close are we? You may think we are joking, but News Forecasters asks, just how likely do governments have programs like MKUltra currently operational? Well, they have done it before, do we think that government spy agencies are more or less moral than before? Our take is – less moral than before. This assessment places the likelihood that a modern era MKUltra program does, in fact, exist – at a minimum, a medium risk to be true.

Now, the next time you see a mass shooting or some other hard to believe event that occurs in the news, look for these program attributes and dig further to find the evidence. That being said, we have one further idea that might happen in the future. With the public armed with their own technologies (i.e., internet and smartphones), if these MKUltra programs do exist, it is only a matter of time they will either make a mistake or a whistleblower with evidence will pop-up, and they will get exposed. News Forecasters believes there is another Edward Snowden like event likely to happen in the next 5 years –¬†around MKUltra like programs if they exist.

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