How many genders are there? bread and circus?

How many genders are there? If you thought two, you apparently are not keeping up with the times. In 2014 Facebook proclaimed there were 58 genders. The BBC recently tells primary school children that there are over 100 genders. In 2019 we are up to 112 now. Since we are told gender is fluid, mathematically we could theoretically have infinity, correct?

News Forecasters will keep our opinions to ourselves in terms of how many genders there are, but nevertheless these kinds of topics seem to dominate us in what some call the culture war. It is not only about questioning gender, but many other assumed norms. In the recent Democratic 2020 presidential campaign and debates some of the following quotes are quite dubious, or at least amusing:

    • Nobody should go to jail for a non-violent crime, says Joe Biden. Really, can I help myself to my neighbor’s house without fear of jail?
    • Beto O’Rourke, “We’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.” Good luck going after all the guns, 2nd Amendment issues.
    • Andrew Yang, “My campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 American families.” Buying votes, nevertheless touting his UBI plan. Who doesn’t want free money?
    • “Abortion and population control are important parts of addressing climate change,” Bernie Sanders. Eugenics? Yippes, click here for more on this.
    • Elizabeth Warren identified as “American Indian.” A DNA test showed that she may be only 1/1024 American Indian.
    • Pete Buttigieg, “GOP will face a reckoning as Christians.” Buttigieg being a gay man, and many Christians disagreeing with this stance, feel it is an attack on Christian beliefs.
    • Liberals cheer as Antifa violence escalates.
Swing Left

The Overton Window has been shifting left for a few years now. However, the political left in the U.S. is shifting faster to the left. The political right has shifted little – see inset chart. The two sides are drifting further apart, exposing the political divide we have all seen in recent years. There are two political theories at play here.

The first is that the political left has been taken over by Marxist elements (strategy #1) pushing the politics further left, via the embarrassment with Identity Politics. Chief players are new money; academia, media, silicon valley, and Hollywood. Their goal is some socialist utopia, from a new/different (or an ideological subset) set of oligarch elites to obtain power.

The other is the theory of, “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.” Current oligarch elites, to protect their positions, are using the left to consume the masses with “bread and circuses.” The strategy (strategy #2) is designed to get you scared so much of the left, that you will give your support to their more traditional positions, that benefit their own power. Chief players are the traditional old money; military (neocons), financial, and industrial sectors of the economy.

Another point here is voter demographics. For people over 35 of age, many of the things we have discussed aren’t even understood, let along supported. In terms of demographics, people over 35 of age represent 55% of the population. In terms of voter turnout, which greatly favors those over 30 years of age, combined with these demographics, the suggestion here is that these more radical issues will not resonate positively with the majority of the voters. News Forecasters wonders just how much of this cultural war is manufactured into one of these two political strategies.

Conspiracy theories don’t have to be well organized. They may be just sharks swimming towards the prey. For sure there are some parts of the oligarch elites that don’t care who wins – they play both sides. The only thing in common is money and power. But to think that they are all working together in lockstep would be an overstatement. But, if oligarch elites that are playing this bread and circuses game (strategy #2), there is a chance they may overplay their hand. The radical left that many large companies support in name, might be a Pandora’s box that they can’t contain. There is some evidence that they are getting worried. 

Wall Street executives (foot soldiers for the oligarch elites) rely on a certain type of President in order to make the most money possible. Trump has been problematic (with his annoying deplorable supporters), but a president like Trump, who is anti-regulation, pro-tax cuts, is positive for them. NBC’s Jim Cramer (a mouthpiece for the oligarch elites), during his Squawk on the Street segment, said, “When you get off the desk and talk to executives, they’re more fearful of her (Elizabeth Warren) winning … she needs to be stopped.

This sets up a battle of the oligarch elites. One set playing one game (strategy #1) the others playing another (strategy #2). Who wins? Well, this is what the 2020 presidential election is really aboutthe rest of us are just pawns in the game. What it does to society is not of either’s concern. Now, get back to figuring out which gender you are.

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