Jeffrey Epstein’s pal disappeared – is this even possible?

Jean Luc Brunel

Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile pal and model agency boss accused of recruiting young girls, has disappeared like a “ghost,” as investigators search the globe for him. French authorities want to question Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, over his ties to Epstein as part of their own probe into the late financier who had a house in Paris.

Investigators have made inquiries throughout the US and Europe, and Brazil, where Jean-Luc Brunel was seen looking for girls just three months before Epstein, 66, was arrested in New York. Epstein had invested $1 million to help launch Jean-Luc Brunel Miami-based modeling agency, MC2, in return for a “supply of girls on tap.” He was even allegedly sending him three 12-year-old girls as a sick birthday present.

In 2015, Jean-Luc Brunel told journalists: “I strongly deny having committed any illicit act or any wrongdoing in the course of my work as a scouter or model agencies manager.” Jean-Luc Brunel is known for discovering some very well known names in the modeling world, including Christy Turlington and Angie Everhardt. True or not, authorities have a global manhunt for Jean-Luc Brunel, and for sure he knows this and is on the run hiding.

News Forecasters returns to the question, is this even possible to disappear from the globe and evade the authorities? After all, with all the spy technology we have been told about and rumored about – you would think he would be found rather quickly. Do you ever notice how quickly any average person when sought, is quickly found and apprehended? Perhaps Jean-Luc Brunel is no ordinary, normal person. So let’s breakdown what one would have to do in Jean-Luc Brunel case:

  • Secure a compound – the thinking here is that you will not be able to move around or travel, you would be eventually spotted. So you must secure a location in a walled or fenced building or house to keep others from wandering into your compound. Or perhaps in the middle of nowhere where you own the land around you for miles. In effect a jail of your own making. To have any style and security apparatus, let’s figure a starting price of $1 million.
  • Private aids and security staff – since you can not go to the store your self, you will have to have staff to get your food, medicine, and any other things you need (not everything can be ordered online). Perhaps a minimum staff of 2 to 5 people. The staff won’t come cheap as you also need to buy their silence … the security folks will see to this. Let’s figure about $100k per person or $500k per year.
  • Importing of materials – this includes the cost of your food, medicine, and other things to keep you amused since you can’t leave. This is highly dependent on your personal desires. Considering you had a good life before this may cost you. Let’s figure a minimum of about $200k per year.
  • Setting up a financial framework – this would including putting your compound and your financial assets placed in hidden trusts offshore via a network of companies. One should plan this in advance, as it would be hard to do this at the last minute.

So totaling this all up, you will need an initial $1 million to start and about $700k per year to keep it all going. If your financial assets were earning 7% a year (a stretch), this would mean you need $10 million in assets. I would suggest to be comfortable and to account for any screw-ups, don’t even think about this strategy unless you have $15 to $20 million. Does Jean-Luc Brunel have this much, or can extort it from his co-conspiring pals? One could reduce this cost by going to a 3rd world country, reduce lifestyle choices, and/or significantly reduce contact with the outside world – but these strategies might bring on other issues. God help you if you have a serious medical problem – this could cost or expose you.

To the question of – is this even possible? The answer is, it depends on how hard the authorities are searching for you and whether the people that aide you don’t rat you out. If planned well and well-financed – yes it would be possible. But one will always have to look over your shoulder and stay in the prison of your own making. Don’t slip up. Our take is that Jean-Luc Brunel will either slip up or be ratted out – few people have the level of mental discipline required to be able to pull this off.

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