Hurricane Dorian, disaster in the making?

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season is likely to be “back-end loaded,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane. AccuWeather meteorologists are sticking with their original forecast of 12 to 14 named systems for 2019, which includes both tropical storms and hurricanes for the Atlantic basin through the end of the year. AccuWeather first issued its Atlantic hurricane forecast for 2019 on April 3. The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is said that tropical activity may last longer than 2018 as El Nino pattern fades. Is the U.S. in for a rough season?

Hurricane Dorian is the most recent, currently a tropical storm bearing down on Florida. It may strengthen to category 3 or even category 4. There is no land in its current path or other weather fronts to slow it down or deflect it. Surf will become dangerous for swimmers and small craft along the south and east-facing beaches. The frequency and intensity of rip currents will increase as the seas are stirred. It’s too early to even discuss material destruction and flooding. Florida has already declared a state of emergency – if you are in the area take warnings seriously and follow local reports accordingly.

Heat is the fuel for hurricanes. The U.S. has been exposed to dangerous “off-the-charts” heat conditions of 127 degrees Fahrenheit or more in 2019. Notwithstanding the weather issues, it also “poses unprecedented health risks.” In Europe and North Africa where hurricanes are birthed, all-time temperature records have been broken in a heatwave sweeping this region.

Everyone remembers the political disaster from hurricane Katerina. Will Dorian become a Katerina for the Trump administration? More balls to juggle. News Forecasters forecasts news, not weather, but we do wonder if this will not become an issue for 2019. We will just have to keep one eye on the weather channel and wonder.

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