Roe v. Wade sinking, is abortion soon to be banned?


Conservative Republican judges will soon hear a case that, if successful, would drain all life from the right to an abortion. In Gee v. June Medical Services, the state of Louisiana argues that abortion restrictions should effectively be immune from judicial scrutiny, just so long as lawmakers are careful about how they draft the law. While there is some doubt about whether the Supreme Court will endorse this particular tactical attack on Roe v. Wade, it is alarming to many Pro-choice activists – obviously, the Pro-life activists are hopeful. News Forecasters asks, is Roe v. Wade sinking, making essentially the banning of abortion in many parts of the U.S the law of the land?

Abortion Debate

The U.S. since the late nineties has been fairly evenly split in terms of the Pro-choice camp and the Pro-life camp. It is one of those highly divisive issues and is a litmus test issue for many conservatives and liberals. Pro-choice supporters believe it is a woman’s choice over what can happen inside her body. Pro-life supporters believe that the baby in the womb is human and has rights too – that a woman can not overrule on her own.

Pro-choice supporters feel that women are under attack taking their civil and reproductive rights away from them – burdening the poor with too many babies to oppress them. Their opponents are religious zealots. Pro-life supporters feel that abortion is in a sense murder. Their opponents are just not taking personal sexual responsibility and wanting to engage in sexual permissiveness.

Abortions Race

Pro-choice supporters have come up with a new argument to support the right to abortion. You guessed it – “it’s racist.” Iowa Republican congressman Steve King laid out his theory of Western decline. He suggested, that a demographic issue is at play over reproduction and immigration. King said, “If we continue to abort our babies and import a replacement for them in the form of young violent men, we are supplanting our culture, our civilization.” Many believe that this is paramount to the White Supremecy ideology. 

News Forecasters believes linking White Sypremecy and abortion doesn’t make a lot of sense. Looking at the inset chart, in fact, if abortions were banned in any way, the African American community would gain political power via demographics (assuming they would vote in block), not the White population. Not sure this is a very effective political strategyIdentity Politics.

But let’s not let the Pro-life supporters off the hook. The chief argument is from what they feel is a moral even religious (Christian) point of view. The Bible for some is not always clear on abortion (abortion described in the Bible as just a fine). For sure abortion is not a good thing (even many Pro-choice supporters would say this), but government banning is another issue. There are two sides to this debate for sure. Here is a summary of religious views. It all boils down to when does a human become a human?

We won’t go into a deep Bible study here (for nonreligious people, just go with the arguments to understand some Pro-life points of view), but there is a notion in the Bible that says that human life starts with the “breath of life.” Or in other words, when god implants the soul into the physical human body. Prior to this, a fetus is merely a potential human – a pure cellular biologic vessel. Think about it, when god supposedly resurrects all humans for the “The Great White Throne Judgment,” Will this include all the 8-week old aborted fetuses to be judged? It would be hard enough to do this even with a 1-day old baby. The point here is, to use the Bible as your main argument may not be a good strategy for Pro-life supporters – perhaps they should stick with the moral question.

Ok, I just presented a few back and forth arguments – don’t let this raise the hair on the back of your head. News Forecasters is not taking a position. We just wanted to show how controversial and divisive of an issue this is. Abortion has been the law in the U.S. for over 40 years. If the Supreme Court came out with a ruling effectively banning abortion, the nation would go bonkers – with protests and violence for sure. News Forecasters simply does not believe this will happen. However, there will be on a state by state basis attempts (with some success) to restrict some abortion rights. An ongoing battle that will continue for sure.

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