Will Kellyanne and George Conway get a divorce? relevant?

Kellyanne and GeorgeConway

No other couple, so close to power, puts on display daily, of such a divisive nature of marital bliss than Kellyanne and George Conway. Piers Morgan said, “No one’s a winner in this ridiculous White House war of whack-jobs, losers, nutters and hellish spouses, but by backing Trump over her own husband, Kellyanne Conway’s surely spun her marriage into a divorce court …” George Conway has repeatedly attacked President Trump – mercilessly. Even recently George Conway, mocks the White House staff, saying, “These people who work for a rapist …”

Piers Morgan goes on to say, “This is Kellyanne Conway’s BOSS calling her HUSBAND and father of her four children a jealous loser, husband from hell, and whack job. I don’t know about you, but if my boss publicly said similar words about my spouse, I’d resign, seconds after punching him on the nose. But Kellyanne didn’t resign or punch Trump on the nose. Instead, incredibly, she once again defended him – only this time against the man she sleeps with every night!”

Some have made comparisons to Carville and Matalin who are two seasoned political experts, having worked on numerous presidential campaigns and administrations for the left and right respectively. They also happen to be a happily married couple who continue to offer their insight on the major cable news networks and Sunday morning political chat shows. But the Kellyanne and George are at another level – maybe just the sign of the times in a politically divisive world we live in today.

Is this even relevant? For the Trump administration, yes. Kellyanne is the go-to person when Trump needs a firebrand (something he likes) to go to the public and defend the administration – though the open display of marital hostility is not helpful. Can Trump continue to allow this divisive display to continue? Perhaps, after all, Trump likes a good fight. From a societal cultural perspective, marriage and divorce may be a single most important issue driving many of the issues we see today – which often then spills over into political issues and their subsequent economic issues.

For Kellyanne and George Conway, many jump to the conclusion that divorce is inevitable. But the two have been married for 17 years. Statistics show that at this point in historical marriage – divorce is less likely. They also have four fairly young children. Even if Kellyanne was to think divorce, she may not for the sake of the children – she has said her kids come before the White House. The other thing is that Kellyanne is super smart. George not so much. She probably knows how to navigate her troubled marital waters. So News Forecasters will go out on a limb here and say no divorce is coming. Besides, her job in the Trump administration will most likely be coming to an end soon and perhaps this issue for their marriage goes away – she has already had reason to divorce and hasn’t, so why start now?

Perhaps a more relevant question, where are the institutions of marriage and divorce going culturally? Take a close look at the attached inset chart. At first, you might just think – marriages and divorces have both been in decline – not a big deal. Looking closer, after WWII around 1960 and compare this to the end of the data series. Marriages have dropped about 20%, while divorces have risen about 10% – on a declining marriage base – since one has to get married to get divorced. This means its worse than you think, than just glancing at the chart. News Forecasters believes, that the breakdown in the marriage institution is the single biggest cultural event that has occurred in the last few decades.

The institution of marriage will continue to decline to a point where few will enter into it – making it irrelevant. A new two-tier cultural society when it comes to relationships and sex. On one hand, you will have the “players” in the dating hook-up scene. On the other hand, you will have the lonely incels. This will also affect the next generation with single-parent or even no family homes with kids. Our personal relationships drives culture, which then drives politics, and eventual even into the economy and to the rest of the world. News Forecasters will have more to say on these topics in future articles.

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