“Poor kids just as bright as white kids,” Joe Biden finished?

Gaffe-prone Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden quickly launched into damage control after he told the audience at a town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” He quickly added: “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids, no I really mean it, but think how we think about it.” The 76-year-old has made a number of major gaffes, they just keep coming. How much longer will Joe Biden stay in the race for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination?

Poor Joe, can’t catch a break – he did try to recover from the gaffe real-time, but not good enough. On the other hand, Democrats have been pushing the idea of “white privilege” and class privilege. Joe was just saying that if you remove the whiteness and class, the poor kids would do just as well. Ah, but you see, Joe made the assumption that white kids are better than black kids – racial stereotyping indeed.

There has been health rumors about Joe BidenFox News has been criticized for pushing unfounded rumors that Joe Biden is in poor health. A month after the 2020 Democratic candidate, who is 76, launched his presidential campaign, the news channel has started speculating about Biden’s health in a similar manner it did about Hillary Clinton in 2016. Two Fox News presenters, Lisa Kennedy and Sean Hannity, have speculated on-air on at least four different occasions that the front runner is dealing with health issues. Yes, Fox does spin stories too – Trump supporters.

In any case back to the polling for Wednesday, August 7 2019. Joe is sinking:

2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Economist/YouGov Biden 25, Sanders 13, Warren 18, Harris 8, Buttigieg 7, O’Rourke 2, Booker 2, Yang 2, Gabbard 3, Castro 1, Klobuchar 1, Steyer 1, Bullock 1

News Forecasters asks, when does Joe Biden pull out of the Democratic nomination process? Before you write off Joe, keep in mind that he is the only “major” center-left candidate in the Democratic party running. Some Democratic strategists say this is the best way to beat Trump. He is also leading in the polls after all.

News Forecasters’ crystal ball does not extend to Joe Biden’s health records. So unless there really is a health issue (or no major dark horse candidate joining the race), Joe Biden is in it to stayClick here to check out the 2020 election primary schedule. Joe Biden bails just after March 3, 2020. The Democratic party has just moved too far left, and unfortunately for Joe, he’s a dinosaur, and an old one, in the Democratic party.

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