MSNBC uncovers super secret code in Trump’s half-staff flag order

Today is the 8th of August (8th month) or 88. Did you know that 88 was a Nazi symbol? MSNBC uncovers this super secret Nazi code in Trump’s half-staff flag order on 88, in memorial to the El Paso and Dayton victims of recent mass shootings. Huh? Mainstream Media is driving people to hysteria. Is this a new Democratic party strategy? Will the fear cause people to vote against Trump and elect the Democrats in 2020? If it works, where does this kind of political strategy lead America? Are you ready for this new utopia that is born out of mass hysteria?

News Forecasters has been watching recent political headlines with astonishment. Senate majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, had protesters show up at his home, calling for violence against him. Many denounced this, but it seems McConnell went on and posted a video of this on Twitter. Twitter responded by suspended his account – censorship? Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro doxxes the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated to President Trump’s reelection bid. Fliers were posted on recently calling for “Death Camps to all Trump Supporters” in New York. This kind of, “in your face” political tactics will get someone hurt – News Forecasters in no way supports any violence directed at anyone. This is just a small example of recent and growing political hysteria in the run-up to elections in 2020. We won’t go into all the details of the many events, but independent YouTuber Tim pool has a done a pretty good job of documenting the blow by blows of this hysteria.

News Forecasters asks if this is a Democratic party strategy and will it work? To say it is a specific Democratic strategy might be going too far – it is more of a conspiracy of sharks all swimming in the same direction towards its prey. So yes, an unintended conspiracy strategy. To get people to believe that your political opponent is fundamentally evil and needs to be defeated to save humanity is compelling. This rhetoric is coming from both Republicans and Democrats, but it is primarily coming from Democrats – after all, they are saving humanity. Here is the point. Regardless if Trump is right or wrong, people fear disorder and violence and will want stability. He is the President, and responsible – the “buck stops here.” Voters will just want the hysteria to stop and vote against Trump, regardless of policy – people tend to vote emotion over policy. So this Democratic party strategy will work.

If Trump gets voted out will the hysteria stop? No, why would it, it’s working. Democrats could win the White House, keep the House of Representatives, but may not take the Senate – so says current political thinking. This will block any agenda items the Democrats would want to do. The legislative obstruction blame game would start. So the hysteria must continue until all Republicans are eradicated from political discourse, then they would turn on each other.

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