Violent video games causes mass shootings, ban them?

There’s a trend going around the internet, that says violent video games are a source of a lot of the recent mass shootings. U.S. President Donald Trump chimed in and suggest and blamed video games for fueling a violent culture. Following the recent massacres in El Paso and Dayton, the president said that it’s time to do something about video games. Is this true video games are bad? News Forecasters ask if there is a coming a push to create new laws regulating video games? Here is a link to a video clip that discusses this subject in more detail.

There is plenty of research debunking video games as the cause. But since Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans continue to blame video games, here’s a simple chart (click the inset image to see the chart) showing the top video game–consuming countries and the number of violent gun deaths in each of them. It shows that violent video games, which are played in many of developed world countries do not have the same level of violence as the U.S. It seems to show that the correlation does not equal the causation.

What about linking gun ownership with violent acts. This has become also an explosive as a political issue in recent times in the U.S. We can clearly see that the U.S. is one of the highest gun ownership per 100 people country in the world. More than one gun per person. But at the same time we can see that the U.S. is not the most violent country around the world. However, noting that of the G20 countries it is. Perhaps the issue is not gun ownership, rather law enforcement, materialism, nihilism, demographics, or simply the culture.

Concerning the culture, some try to link the U.S. violent culture to single-parent homes. Looking at this data, this too is a quite dubious correlation, as the U.S. is not particularly out of line with other major countries in the world, though is on the higher side. Still, others look at what is called “family quality time” versus other time kids spend in other activities – the U.S. is arguably the highest materialistic culture in the world and hence has many family distractions.

News Forecasters believes that there is probably some correlation that one could find if further research is done into this and other cultural data. But in the current U.S. political environment results probably would not be accepted anyway, as the causes may not want to be known, and might force people to reconsider their values in their own personal culture.

Societies and cultures can be very complex to get answers. News Forecasters comes back to the question, will video games be more regulated with government policy? Relax, the answer is no. Besides video games could be a $300 billion industry by 2025, nothing can stop this.

A video presentation of this subject:

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