El Paso Walmart shooter, a purposeless society – what next?

Here we go again – the blame game. Patrick Crusius allegedly killed at least 20 people at an El Paso, TX Walmart Saturday morning (August 4, 2019), using racist rhetoric against Hispanics in a posting made before the attack (8th worst in America). Obvious condolences to the victims and families in this horrific attack. The political left’s thoughts turn to gun control and the systemic “white male” racism fostered by what they feel comes from their political foe, Donald Trump. The political right, are left to try to defend what is apparently true – with understandable whataboutisms. News Forecasters’ thoughts turn to a deeper understanding of why and what is the trend for society’s future.

Crusius’ social media accounts were all taken down relatively quickly but not before some were able to detect that he liked a lot of alt-right content. He liked tweets that had the #BuildtheWall hashtag as well as “a photo using guns to spell out “Trump,” and posts from Paul Joseph Watson, a far-right Youtuber who works with Alex Jones at InfoWars,” notes the Southern Poverty Law Center. We have to be honest here, there is a pattern here. As we can see in the inset chart, mass shootings are on the rise, though the overall murder rate on a per capita basis is nowhere near what it was in the 1980s. So yes, there is a “white male” problem.

Would gun control work? Possibly, but because there are already so many guns in the publics hands and there is that troublesome fact that American’s have second amendment rights, disarming law-abiding citizens against nefarious actors is frightening to many. This cycle of gun violence will not end anytime soon – trying to take them away at this point will be a dubious unsuccessful cause. Gun-free zones do tend to attract mass gun shooters.

Does Trump and the far-right incite mass shooters? This point is less clear, after all, mass shootings were rising even though the Obama years under Democratic control. Some would argue that masking and censoring people’s feelings just makes it worse and causes people to get even more radicalized. Is this what we really want? Some on the left might nefariously say yes, it helps their political positions.

What about the right-wing whataboutisms? Right-wing pundits will be quick to point out that on a per capita basis minority, specifically “black males” is a bigger problem. On an individual basis if you meet a black person on the street you’re more likely to be killed by a black man, though white men kill more people on a total amount basis – especially in mass shootings.

Why are people killing people anyway? There is a cultural difference between whites and blacks, but it is a male thing, and at the end of the day they may be killing for the same underlying reasons. White males kill because they are angry at society and if they can’t be happy, then they want to take the rest of the society down with them, in some make-a-point mass killing, often blaming minorities for the ills of society. Black males kill because they want what society might give them, so they want to get rich or die trying through nefarious means if necessary. Why black males want to achieve the same hopelessness of white males is another subject.

This white man’s disease is not just manifesting itself in mass killings but in other ways as well, specifically white male suicide rates. Again the thinking here is, if I can’t be happy then I’ll just check out of society and kill myself. In 2017, young men between 15 and 19 killed themselves at a rate of 17.9 per 100,000, up from 13 per 100,000 in 2000. The increase among older teen boys raised the overall suicide rate for Americans ages 15 to 24 to its highest level since 1960.

So what’s going on here? Do men have any purpose in life? After all, we are being told that most males are toxic. Some say evolution has killed religion, so there is now no afterlife purpose. So what values are being taught to men in their families today? Do functional families even exist today? Most traditional families today are frowned upon – who are you to judge what a family is? A question hardly ever asked in the aftermath shooting analysis, is what is the family environment that the shooter came from? Did the young man receive love and attention? Or any understanding of what the purpose of life is? In the past, monogamous traditional families were a good way to ration sex, give men purpose and subdue any toxicity in men. This is largely gone in today’s society.

For women the purpose is clear, just ask any successful Instagram user. If you are female and not an Instagram star, then you must become a social justice warrior and obtain success through societal shame or even government edict – hence the female push for socialism. The reality is that women have their most valuable when they are young and beautiful, men are only valuable until they reach status – see the inset chart and a report here. Some blame the rise of feminism, not understanding the reality that women still need to live in this world of this so-called “male toxicity.” To think you’re going to change fundamentally the way men function you are being delusional. You will not change millions of years of male evolution in a few short decades.

So we are left with the evolutionary purpose of men. Sex and money rule the world. Men must obtain money in order to receive the affections of women and access to sex. Hypergamy is real, deep down men understand this. Today 80% of women want to have sex with only 20% of the men of status. Status meaning money (or position), good looks and personality. Great if you are one of the men in the 20%, it is the survival of the fittest. If not, and you’re a man with no status and no hope of obtaining status, life gets difficult and has little purpose.

Where do we go from here and what is next for society? Well, well I’m sorry to report that News Forecasters does not have good news. The lack of purpose in men continues and gets worse. The philosophical and political wrangling will continue and will even get worse, as society struggles for answers without really understanding or willing to understand the underlying causes. The evolutionary Darwinism, unfortunately, will do its work, and begin to cull the behavior. Society will continue it’s downward spiral, more murders, and more mass killings until it reaches its catastrophic endpoint and radical change occurs. Unfortunately, this may mean even war. The “80% useless men” will become cannon fodder. However, there will be no winners regardless of your race or gender. News Forecasters is not here to provide solutions, we merely are telling you what will happen. It is up to you to decide the path forward.

Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision, the people perish …

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