What Trump supporters are forgetting, #MAGA beware!

Many believe that Trump is well on his way to get reelected in 2020. Democrats with there several dozen presidential hopefuls seem in disarray, with no clear challenger. Some believe Trump is just stupid – suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Others believe Trump is playing 3D chess and out maneuvering the Democrats at every trolling Twitter poop. It is true Trump has been quite clever in manipulating the media but is there a danger that all this firebrand politics could backfire? America is truly at a crossroads. Will it continue with its capitalist ideologies of independence and self-reliance? Or, take a sharp turn left and follow the European model and become Democratic Socialists?

Despite the Democrat’s Trump Derangement Syndrome,┬áthe Trump policies have not been that radical. In terms of immigration, his policies are very similar to Obama’s. His war policies have been quite tame – for example, he has tried to draw down the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, while trying to make peace with North Korea and not being so quick to the squeeze the trigger on Iran. The economy has done well under Trump, though there are some storm clouds building. The Trump trade war is trying to return jobs back to America. Something the unions represented by the Democratic party have been trying to do for years. So why are all the Trump Derangement Syndrome?

It’s the culture war that has been going on now for the last 8 to 10 years. Trump did not start this culture war, but he is not afraid to engage in it. Trump is a shock jock – a fire-breathing politician. He triggers his opponents. People get angry. It is Trump’s way to manage. This chaotic management approach triggers people to action. Sometimes possibly to get things done that couldn’t be done otherwise, but also can make situations very toxic. His opponents get radicalized. They start adopting radical oppositional ideas. Trump supporters love this – almost as if it’s a Trump cult.

For example, immigration open borders, massive social programs, anti-capitalism, regressive identitarianism, and a totalitarian ideology that challenges free speech rights and Second Amendment gun rights. Many of these ideas may never have come about in the Democratic party if they were not backed into a corner with this firebrand of politics. Very little government collaboration can occur in this environment.

The bottom line is, most people vote on feelings and not policy. People want to wake up in the morning feeling good about America and their president. Under Trump, many Democrats and Centrists are very uncomfortable. I use the metaphor of putting out fires with gasoline to describe the situation. Yes, you can put out a fire with gasoline, but you need a lot of gasoline to smother the fire and risk having it all blow up in your face. This is precisely what News Forecasters believe will happen. Now that the Democratic party is radicalized, when Trump does leave the presidency either in 2020 or 2024, Trump will have caused America to make a massive shift to the socialist left. Trump supporters, was it worth it to have a few short wonder years, only to then have a socialist America for decades?

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