Product tampering, funny today, new terrorism tommorow

“Degenerates! Why Are People Recording Themselves Spitting In Food & Other Disgusting Things?,” reads the headline from Zerohedge. Product tampering may seem funny to some, it is illegal, and can potentially become something very dark in the near future.

Yes, stupidity is contagious. There has been a rash of young folks going out and licking ice cream in stores and then putting it back on the refrigerated shelves. A kids prank, motivated by attention seekers. Others have opened up mouthwash bottles swallowed and spit it back in the bottle and replace it on the shelves. Yet another woman was caught peeing on potatoes in a store. An Australian woman in 2018, was accused of putting sewing needles inside strawberries in a high-profile sabotage case, motivated by spite. Product tampering has had a long history. As said before, it is highly illegal click here to see how illegal.

Authorities do not like these kinds of stories because the contagiousness of these activities can go viral. Companies do a variety of strategies to prevent this type of activity. Addressing the concerns via appropriate public relations strategies as well as employing various types of product anti-tampering technologies. Today calmer these strategies have largely been successful.

Terrorism is an ever-present danger in our society today. Traditional terrorist attacks have come in the form of mass shootings and bombings. The objective of a terrorist is to create widespread panic and fear to promote their ideological objectives. Over the years, authorities have been quite successful in preventing traditional terrorist attacks.

A new generation of terrorist will need a new form of terrorism. The beauty of product tampering is that one does not have to commit suicide by cop or even potentially can escape capture. It also does not require a high degree of technology. Product tampering may indeed become the weapon of choice for the new generation of terrorists in the coming few short years.

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