Does Jeffrey Epstein have another get out of jail card?

Jeffrey Epstein has long been accused of sexually abusing underage girls. He also has purported connections to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, and moved in elite circles, including for several years in a relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late British media tycoon Robert Maxwell. Epstein’s luck may have just run out, as his recent charges about his illicit activities look like they’re going to stick this time.

Jeffrey Epstein is not new to these types of accusations. In 2008 Jeffrey Epstein became an FBI Informant to secure a sweetheart deal and shutdown federal probes into his underage sex abuse charges that he had then. Epstein always seems so well connected, and has so much dirt on so too many people in these elite circles, that he can’t be taken down so easily. But, has Epstein finally run out of, “get out of jail cards?”

Jeffrey Epstein looked physically healthy when he appeared in court in New York on Wednesday (July 31, 2019) in his sex trafficking case, about a week after reportedly being found unconscious in his jail cell with neck injuries. Some believe it was a suicide attempt, or perhaps someone in the jail itself, as often these offenders get special unwanted attention from local inmates. Still, others believe that he has knowledge of where all the skeletons are buried, and hence a target for assassination. Epstein has a lot of enemies. So much that at one time on Twitter, the hashtag #clintonbodycount was trending.

It should be noted that Epstein is not a reliable witness. A man with his reputation would not be believed. For any others to be charged, it will require not only to have his testimony but some other physical proof. So there is no reason to take him out just because you think he might testify against you, though revenge may also be a motive. However, if he does know where the skeletons are buried, to exchange for some plea deal, this would make him a target.

The question becomes, have the authorities found additional physical proof when they made their initial raids to arrest him? A little “black book” of his list of contacts, flight itineraries, and other log information – for example. This still would not be enough evidence to convict a high profile individual – in our unequal justice system, there are varying levels of assumption of innocence. We know Epstein had all his properties wired with security cameras. So the issue now becomes, where is the Epstein video library of all his extorted clients?

The answer is, it may not exist. If there was clear video evidence that shows others have been involved in this affair, would the authorities really let these people wander the globe waiting not to be caught on such crimes? Or perhaps evidence just mysteriously disappeared. Either way this far more damning evidence just simply does not exist, and may never exist.

News Forecasters believes this far more damning evidence will simply not appear. In the fog of the investigation, authorities just simply won’t have enough evidence to take down many, if any, other high profile individuals. Though for sure, there may be several mid to lower-level people involved that will. For Epstein, he most likely will effectively stay the rest of his life in jail under suicide and assassination watch – convicted on sex trafficking, corruption and yes you guessed it – tax evasion. The powers to be will ensure that this story goes away in the next 6 to 12 months, never to be heard of again.

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