Trump Economy Trump economy, continues strong, November 2019 review December 7, 2019 06:10 Posted in: Economy - Axios - The U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs in November, above the 187,000 economists expected, the government said on Friday, as the unemployment rate fell back to a 50-year low of 3.5%.  In the actual government BLS report, it stated that notable job gains occurred in health care and in professional and technical services. Employment rose in manufacturing, reflecting the return of workers from the auto strikes. Among the marginally attached, there were 325,000 discouraged workers in November, down by… Continue Reading
Protest Tactics 2020 US 5 successful protest tips for the 2020 US Presidential elections December 4, 2019 06:12 Posted in: Culture, Politics - Most of us can feel the winds of change coming on the political landscape. For some, it is hard to imagine this, since WWII the world has experienced the largest expansion in peace and prosperity the world has ever seen. Others hear change rising from the static rubble of collapsing norms - as many feel they are not receiving this peace and prosperity in quantities as they feel they should. A profound moment in our history is coming - the… Continue Reading
France MASSIVE general strikes December 5, will it resemble the Purge? December 2, 2019 09:46 Posted in: Economy, News, Politics - The Local FR - Major disruption that could last until the New Year - that's the view of one French political analyst on what will happen once "unlimited" strikes begin in France on December 5th, 2019. In the picturesque country of France, a country of fine wine and exquisite cuisine, the quaint cobblestone streets of many of its cities may turn into a horror scene of social unrest we haven't seen since the Yellow Vest protest started in 2018. It… Continue Reading
Freemasons Freemasons and other secret societies, what is their future? November 30, 2019 12:49 Posted in: Culture - A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members - though some would dispute this definition. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. The term usually excludes covert groups, such as intelligence agencies or guerrilla warfare insurgencies, that hide their activities and memberships but maintain a public presence. Even though many of these secret societies often have some religious component to them, many Christian churches forbid their members from joining… Continue Reading
Whistleblowers What is the future for whistleblowers? November 28, 2019 19:32 Posted in: Culture, Politics - The term whistleblower has come front, and center stage after a whistleblower started an investigation into President Trump's handling of Ukranian affairs concerning a political opponent, Joe Biden, and his potential corruption. Some called the whistleblower a hero. Others called the whistleblower a fraud - it just depends on what side of the fence one sits. Regardless of the specifics of this case, and given all the media circus around this whistleblower, News Forecasters asks, what is the future in… Continue Reading
Humans frozen and brought back, enabling space travel? November 27, 2019 23:53 Posted in: Science & Technology - Doctors have placed humans in suspended animation for the first time, as part of a trial in the U.S. that aims to make it possible to fix traumatic injuries that would otherwise cause death by preserving life until the patient gets to the hospital. Samuel Tisherman, at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, told New Scientist that his team of medics had placed at least one patient in suspended animation, calling it "a little surreal" when they first did it.… Continue Reading
Will the Fed rescue us from wealth inequality? November 26, 2019 22:48 Posted in: Economy - From Bernie Sanders to Warren Buffett, many say that U.S. wealth inequality is a problem. In 2019, big ideas about how to solve it have been in the air. One of the most unlikely solutions is emerging from the Federal Reserve (Fed). Neel Kashkari, the outspoken dove at the Minneapolis Fed, says monetary policy can play the kind of redistributing role once thought to be the preserve of elected officials. While that likely remains a minority view among U.S. central… Continue Reading
Internet TV Piracy Internet TV piracy, will the police be knocking soon? November 25, 2019 04:45 Posted in: Economy, Science & Technology - Historically, the entertainment industry has labeled pirates as freeloaders exclusively interested in getting everything for free. In reality, it’s wiser to view them as frustrated potential consumers who’d be happy to pay for content if it was more widely available. The research confirms something many internet pundits have long instinctively believed to be true: piracy isn’t driven by law-breakers, it’s driven by people who can’t easily or affordably get the content they want. On the other hand, it is true:… Continue Reading
UK debate 2019.19 UK election debates stirs the pot, but tastes the same – and Brexit? November 23, 2019 11:56 Posted in: News, Politics - The UK is inching ever closer to the Thursday, December 12 general election (650 members) - where we hope we can get a UK Parliament elected that can finally deliver on the Brexit issue. Brexit was hot on the agenda as Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson locked horns with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on TV this weekend debate. The Labour leader dismissed the Prime Minister's pledge to "get Brexit done" by the end of January as "nonsense" while Johnson suggested… Continue Reading
Democratic Debate November 2019 Who’s winning the Democratic presidential nomination – November 2019 debate readout November 22, 2019 15:07 Posted in: Politics - Democratic presidential candidates clashed in a debate over the future of America, which included topics such as healthcare, racial inequality, and their ability to build a winning coalition to take on President Donald Trump next year. The debate was held in Atlanta, GA, and hosted by all-female moderators from MSNBC and The Washington Post. The November 20th, 2019 night faceoff came after hours of testimony in the impeachment inquiry of Trump and at a critical juncture in the Democratic race to… Continue Reading
Iran Protests Will Iranian protests lead to a new free secular Iran? November 21, 2019 01:33 Posted in: News, Politics - AP - Days of Iranian protests over rising fuel prices and a subsequent government crackdown have killed at least 106 people across Iran, Amnesty International reported, adding that the real figure may be much higher. Iran’s government has not released a toll of those arrested, injured, or killed in the protests that have occurred and spread quickly across at least 100 cities and towns. But it disputed Amnesty’s report through its mission to the United Nations, calling it "baseless allegations and… Continue Reading
What happens if crime rates skyrocket? November 20, 2019 07:15 Posted in: Culture - Gallup poll - A slim majority of Americans describe the problem of U.S. crime as "extremely" or "very serious." The latest 52% is up slightly from 48% in 2018 - when this measure hit a low not seen since 2005 - but remains down from the period of 2015 to 2017, when figures of seriousness ranged between 59% and 60%. The data is from Gallup's annual Crime poll, conducted October 1 to 13. Americans remain much more likely to describe… Continue Reading
Hanging Chad Florida demographics, Trump loses in 2020 by 28,000 votes? November 19, 2019 05:02 Posted in: Politics - We are rapidly approaching the 2020 presidential elections. One does not have to speculate much to know that this is a pivotal election. Will America go socialist or continue on its current path, a pseudo capitalist society. Pulling the rest of the world with it. Despite what you think of the current U.S. President Donald Trump, understanding his declared election chances will be critical in understanding what happens next on the global stage. News Forecasters believes despite the other election… Continue Reading
Google RIP – what is the future of internet search? November 18, 2019 12:28 Posted in: Science & Technology - Some 500,000 times every second we use internet search. It brings us the juiciest gossip, news, the best gifts for the holidays, history with historical data, education, our political views, logistics just to name a few, and has become the cornerstone of an economy worth trillions of dollars. Google the dominant player in internet search has turned into a verb - "just Google it." It is hard to imagine a world, real or virtual, without internet search. Google obviously will… Continue Reading
Venice Italy Flooding Venice Italy, 85% underwater, climate change? November 17, 2019 06:23 Posted in: Science & Technology - The northern Italian canal city of Venice is facing its first significant flood of the current rainy season. The rainy season in Italy has gradually extended and become more severe in recent years. Consequently, the floods are starting earlier than usual this year. Are the horrors of climate change upon us? Venice has been hit with another high tide that has left around 85% of the Italian city underwater. According to local authorities, the tide peaked at 154cm on Friday, leaving… Continue Reading
Independent Voter Battle for the Independent Voter, how will they vote? November 16, 2019 22:46 Posted in: Politics - Pew Research - Partisan divides in the U.S. are as wide as they’ve ever been in the modern political era. But what about the large share of Americans who identify as Independents? A recent Pew Research Center report took a detailed look at these Americans. Among other things, it illustrated that independents have lower levels of political participation and are demographically different from those who affiliate with a party – and that their views are often as divided as those of… Continue Reading
Is hyperinflation coming, is the CPI lying? November 15, 2019 05:00 Posted in: Economy - Have you ever wondered why the official inflation numbers never seem to jive with your own personal experience? For the most part, the media has dutifully reported the nonsensical CPI data as if it were scripture from the BLS. Originally, the CPI was determined by comparing the price of a fixed basket of goods and services spanning two different periods. However, over time, the U.S. Congress embraced the view that the CPI should reflect changes in the cost to maintain… Continue Reading
Impeachment Fed Impeachment looky here, does the Fed have a plan B? November 14, 2019 09:01 Posted in: Economy, Politics - You would have to be living under a rock if you haven't been watching the impeachment show of President Donald Trump in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democrats are having a political orgasm. The Republicans are shaking their heads. Everyone understands that the impeachment hearings are going nowhere - Trump most likely will not be convicted in the Republican-held Senate. It is political theater. Both sides have the strategies to make the other side look bad. News Forecasters asks, if… Continue Reading
Marxist Plan The Marxist Plan to Destroy America? November 13, 2019 14:49 Posted in: Culture, Politics - The "commies" are coming for America? Yeah, your joking, right? But I thought we defeated the evil USSR back in 1991, so why should we worry now? Well, it may be true that the USSR was defeated, or should we say they somewhat defeated themselves, the Marxist, communist, or socialist (communism-lite) ideologies lingers on. After all, the originators of these ideologies knew that the implementation would span the rises and falls of various state entities. In the 20th century, the… Continue Reading
Starship Super Heavy Elon Musk dreaming again, really budget space travel? November 12, 2019 04:29 Posted in: Science & Technology - For as long as human civilization has existed, we have always sought to explore the world around us. Our innate desire for exploration and discovery is what makes us unique as a species. You have to love Elon Musk's inspiration. He claims he can make space travel costs to be 1% of current NASA launches. Elon's dreams are just a tiny fraction of what existing launches costs are today. On average, NASA spends an average of $152m per launch -… Continue Reading